Learning Approach

Energy Delta Institute brings together world-class academic knowledge and business expertise to educate and inspire professionals to become the new leaders of a sustainable energy future. 

Since we believe in lifelong learning, our programmes extend across all levels of professional expertise, from young high potentials to mid-career professionals and senior management. 

We cover all aspects of the energy business – strategic, economic, geopolitical, regulatory and technological – with special attention to sustainability.

Sharing the energy of knowledge

-Our programmes are designed to deliver an excellent balance between practical business experience and academic knowledge

-You will gain critical understanding of complex energy topics and at the same time get up to speed on the latest developments

-You choose the method best for you: classroom instruction, e-learning, blended learning, or programmes with site visits, business cases and social and networking opportunities

Classroom programmes

-Our classroom programmes allow you to interact directly with our lecturers

-You receive direct feedback and are able to exchange knowledge with other participants

-You will have the opportunity to broaden your professional network

-Many classroom programmes include site visits and business cases to make your experience even more useful

Online learning

-Join our advanced online learning platform with interactive E-learning content

-You will be able to access all relevant course material whenever and wherever you want

-You can engage with lecturers, project managers and other participants through online discussions and assignments

-You will spend less time away from your work and will have more flexibility to plan your studies

Blended learning

-Make use of our blended learning offers: a combination of classroom training with inspiring E-learning content

-Our blended courses offer an improved learning experience with less time out of the office

-Benefit from direct interaction with our lecturers supplemented by online learning resources

-Combine the best of two worlds and get ahead of your peers

Network with and learn from experts and peers

-Our programmes connect you with international energy experts as well as with your peers in the industry

-They allow you to build a professional as well as personal network

-You will become a better skilled and more complete professional

-Join our global alumni community of energy professionals and work for a sustainable energy future together