World Energy Outlook reports from different perspectives and an inspirational story.

In a rapidly changing world, the reshaping of the energy sector is important in reaching climate and sustainability goals. Therefore, we want to share the most important worldwide developments in the field of energy and sustainability. Since we still cannot travel abroad – we encourage you to hop-on this virtual tour around the world in one day!

Young Energy Professionals are invited to join us to learn about the World Energy Outlook from three different perspectives: Investments, Clean Energy Innovation, and Sustainable Recovery. These recently published key reports will be presented from the International Energy Agency, allowing participants to ask questions during the event.

We end the event with the co-founder of BlinkNow Foundation, Maggie Doyne, to tell us about her success on sustainable developments and her contribution to making the world a better place. An inside look into the greenest school in Nepal, and how you can get involved and give back.

All of this will be discussed to help provide inspiration towards sustainable developments around the world, and empower you to be a part of the change.

Register for your seat now and hop-on this 22nd of September to get inspired and learn from our colleagues from around the world!

How you benefit

  • Learn about the World Energy Outlook reports from various perspectives
  • Gain insight and inspiration from philanthropist, Maggie Doyne
  • Interact and propose questions directly to our speakers
  • Enrich your knowledge on how to get involved and be a part of the change


Young Energy Professionals attending the online Micro MBA will receive an official certificate from the Energy Delta Institute (EDI).


Registration is free!

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The Programme

13.45-14.00Welcome, Introduction and a brief overview of the World
 Welcome and introduction by the moderator
 The situation in the World
Stevie Atterbury
Energy Analyst at Energy Delta
Institute, Young Energy
14.0014.35Impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on the global energy sector
The speed and scale of the fall in energy demand and investment activity in
the first half of 2020 is without precedent. The IEA’s Global Energy Review
2020 explores these impacts and the many uncertainties facing the energy
sector going forward.
 Unprecedented decline in energy demand and emissions in 2020
 Power systems under lockdown
 Investments set to fall due to COVID-19;
 15 mins. Q&A
Tim Goodson
WEO Energy Analyst at
14.3515.10Why we need innovation
Without a major acceleration in clean energy innovation, net-zero
emissions targets will not be achievable.
 The Faster Innovation Case;
 The Covid-19 crisis could cripple or catalyse energy innovation;
 Five key innovation principles
 15 mins. Q&A
Leonardo Paoli
ETP Energy Analyst at
15.1015.20Short break
15.2016.00A sustainable recovery plan for the energy sector
The enormity of the shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is prompting
governments around the world to develop economic recovery plans that
will shape infrastructure and industries for decades. There is a very strong
case for the energy sector to play a central part in these plans
 Goals of a global sustainable recovery plan for energy;
 Sustainable recovery plan investments and jobs;
 Recovery plans in developing economies
 15 mins. Q&A
Daniel Wetzel
WEO Energy Analyst at
16.0016.30An inspirational & Feel good story:
BlinkNow: The Greenest School in Nepal
Maggie Doyne
CNN Hero of the Year
16.3017.00Journey back home – summing up
 Main Takeaways
 Closing
Stevie Atterbury and Jochem

The Experts

This event is supported by the International Energy Agency. For more information on how you can get involved with the BlinkNow Foundation, visit:

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