Latest trends in gas and sustainability focus on North America

Thank you Walt Disney for bringing so much joy to the young at heart…But is it a small world after all? Well, in some ways it is. But when it comes to energy and sustainability trends there are vast differences between countries and continents. It’s a lot to grasp and follow.

Yet, we know that energy markets are more and more interconnected and that new approaches, technologies and trends can travel very fast. And that those who forget to ‘look across the fence’ may be unpleasantly surprised.

So here is a special opportunity to listen to experts from different continents. They share their insights in an update about the state of gas markets and sustainability trends in their part of the world. There are both short and long term questions. For example, questions about the impact of COVID on demand and on subsidies for investment in renewables. And what technologies hold the greatest promise when seen from the perspective of their policy-makers ?

First stop: North America
Tim Egan (President &CEO Canadian Gas Association & IGU Regional Coordinator North America) will give a ‘helicopter view’ into the developments regarding the role of natural gas in the US and Canada, the outlook for the coming decades, and the impact of policies and technologies aimed at promoting non-fossil energy supply and consumption.

Second stop: Asia ( 10 December – 10.00 am CEST)

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The experts

Marcel Kramer

After obtaining a master’s degree in Private and Corporate Law, he held several positions in Government and in international organizations (NATO, International Energy Agency). Subsequently Marcel spent his entire career in international energy companies on different continents.

Over the past 15 years, he held a range of senior executive positions in the international gas industry and he has an extensive personal executive network in this field.

He currently works internationally as an independent consultant, company director and advisory board member on strategy, policy and project management in the field of energy and infrastructure.

He is also President of the Energy Delta Institute, an international energy business school, which supports the development of young executives through a wide range of industry courses and networking events.

Marcel Kramer is a frequent public speaker on energy topics and lectures in several executive education programs associated with universities in Europe and Russia. He is an active longstanding member of the Council of the International Gas Union (IGU), for which he also reports to the IGU President as ‘Regional Coordinator’ for Russia, the Black Sea region and the Caspian.


Tim EganPresident & CEO Canadian Gas Association

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