The Covid-19 crisis is not the first one that is hitting the financial systems. And certainly not the first one that might impact your project. How can such a crisis impact the financing of your project? And what can we learn from past crises in this respect?

During this session Albert Jochems will provide insight in how markets response to crisis and how this might impact renewable energy projects. The specific nature of these projects in the context of crisis will be discussed. And some advice on how to optimise your proposition towards financiers and investors will be given.


  • Funding your project: a quick summary of what we are talking about;
  • Crisis impact: what happens to the (financial) markets;
  • What makes a renewable energy project special;
  • How to mitigate the threats and seize the opportunities that a crisis like this brings.

The experts

Albert Jochems

Albert Jochems is the owner of AA Capital Invest, the holding company that manages his various investments in start-ups and mostly technology related ventures.  He has over 24 years experience in the renewable energy sector and in finance, including project development, project finance, tax- and funding structuring. He worked in the development and financing of wind energy projects in Europe, India, China and Sri Lanka. While at Rabobank from early 2000, Albert was responsible for the first offshore wind construction financing (Q7/Amalia) and his roles then expanded into general management in the retail and wholesale branch network of Rabobank. After that he joined the Green Giraffe financial advisory team where he lead the development of several large scale offshore wind projects. Albert holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from RSM/Erasmus in Rotterdam.

Lecturer Biogas

Leon Stille

Leon Stille, General Manager EDI, has a background in Earth Sciences (BSc) and renewable energy technology (MSc) from the University of Utrecht. From the start of his career he has focused on conventional and renewable energy technology development and education. He has held commercial roles in several energy companies such as the Dutch gas grid operator Alliander and international oil & gas company Frames. Furthermore, he worked for Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO) as business development manager dedicated to enabling and accelerating the energy transition. Leon holds two patents, is key lecturer renewable gas, expert speaker on energy transition topics and moderator of an energy series webinar.