Intake, application and costs

Are you interested in applying? You are welcome for an intake interview with the programme coordinator. We will look at your qualifications and explore how the MBA may contribute to your professional development. In addition, we will provide information about the application and admissions procedure.

Upon a positive decision of the admissions board, you will receive a form with which you can register and enclose documents such as copies of diplomas and a CV.

To be admissible to the Executive MBA Energy Transition, you need:

  • A university master’s degree or equivalent*
  • 4 years of relevant working experience*

* Deficiencies
If you want to follow the MBA as part of a career switch to the energy sector, we offer a preparational course on basic energy topics. During the intake the level of this course will be discussed.

If you have a degree from a higher learning institution, you will need to complete a short pre-master programme.


The tuition fee for the 2-year Executive MBA Energy Transition is €34,950. This includes excursions and study materials. Literature and travel (e.g. from home to the venue and back) and accommodation (e.g. hotel) costs are not included.

Additional costs:

  • for the preparational course if necessary, to be defined after the intake
  • for the pre-master programme €750 (VAT exempt)

Online information session: Executive MBA Energy Transition

Would you like to learn more about the Executive MBA in Energy Transition?

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* You will be redirected to the website of the UGBS for the registration form of the MBA and to GoToWebinar for the recording of the information session on Tuesday 19 January 2021.

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