Online learning course

Design an online learning programme according to your own needs or based on EDI’s existing modules.

  • Select topic(s)
  • Determine the focus and duration of the programme
  • Define your preferred learning methods

An example of an existing online programme is Introduction to the energy landscape. In 6 lectures of  30 minutes each, current developments and future challenges of the energy value chain are explained.

The modules are:

  • Energy transition
  • Production
  • Trade
  • Transport and distribution
  • Supply
  • Customer
“At Eneco Group we consider it important that all our employees have an understanding of the fast-changing world of energy. EDI developed the online tutorial ‘Introduction into the energy landscape’ for Eneco. Every employee at Eneco has access to it. EDI’s expertise and thorough approach resulted in a valuable programme that allows all employees to learn more about the energy landscape.” Rik Rombouts, HR Product Owner, Eneco Groep