About EDI

Energy Delta Institute

Energy Delta Institute (EDI) is an international energy business school. Through a rich variety of energy training courses and networking activities we prepare energy professionals for challenges they face in what is a dynamic environment. EDI was founded in 2002 by GasTerra B.V., N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, PJSC Gazprom, Shell and the University of Groningen, later joined by Enagás. The energy community has come to appreciate EDI as a platform on which both partners and participants can exchange energy knowledge. The changing energy world is forcing companies to innovate in order to stay competitive. In addition, the energy sector faces the possibility of a growing shortage of qualified personnel over the coming decades. The sector has only one choice: to invest in knowledge.

Our energy training programmes and events respond to this urgent need, focusing on the economic, management, legal and geopolitical aspects of the energy business.

About New Energy Coalition
Energy Delta Institute is since the end of 2017 part of New Energy Coalition. New Energy Coalition is the dedicated  centre of expertise for energy transition and is the result of  a merger between three organisations with an extensive track record in energy: the Energy Valley and Energy Academy Europe Foundations and the Energy Delta Institute. www.newenergycoalition.org 


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