The International Supervisory Board

The International Supervisory Board (ISB) is a committee which oversees EDI's developments and strategy. Participation in the ISB is by board members of EDI's Partners. EDI's Board of Directors reports to the ISB.

The ISB has an important task in monitoring and safeguarding the quality and coherence of EDI's educational and research programmes. Furthermore the ISB members promote the interests of EDI within their respective companies and through their networks spanning other parts of the international gas industry. The ISB meets once a year.

The ISB consists of the following members:


Sergey Khomyakov Deputy Chairman of Management Committee of PJSC Gazprom
Han Fennema CEO N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Ruud de Jongh Vice president Joint Venture Governance, Shell Energy Europe
Sybrand Poppema Chairman of the board of the University of Groningen
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