People who have contributed exceptionally to EDI and who continue to play a major role in its development are awarded the title of 'Fellow'.

Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, was awarded the title of the Honorary Fellow of the Academic Board for outstanding contribution to the EDI development.

Marcel Kramer, former CEO of Gasunie and of South Stream AG, is appointed as Honorary Fellow.

George Verberg, former CEO of Gasunie and IGU was EDI's first fellow and received the extra status of Honorary Fellow. After all, he made the initiative of EDI possible. He is the former president of EDI.

Eric Dam, former president of Energy Delta Institute, is appointed as Honorary Fellow.

Elmer Sterken is Rector Magnificus at the University of Groningen and currently at EDI a member of the Executive Board. He is appointed as Honorary Fellow.

Paul van Gelder, former CEO N.V Nederlandse Gasunie, is appointed as Honorary Fellow.

Volko de Jong is one of the founders of EDI. Currently at EDI, Volko de Jong is responsible for customer relations.

Catrinus Jepma, professor energy and sustainability at the University of Groningen and Scientific Director of the EDI energy transition programme.

Professor Jonathan Stern is Chairman and Senior Research Fellow of the Natural Gas Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. His other positions are Honorary Professor at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee; Visiting Professor at Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy in London; Part Time BP Professor at the Moscow School of Management’s Energy Centre at Skolkovo. Since 2011 he has been the EU speaker for the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Van de Putte is Managing Director with the Kazakhstan Development Bank and responsible for Strategy and Principal Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His work focuses on the development and implementation of a number of integrated industrial-economic cluster projects to help diversify the Kazakhstan economy and achieve balanced socio-economic development.

Coby van der Linde is the director of Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) and is engaged in various studies on European energy markets, security of oil and gas supply and energy and sustainability. In addition, van der Linde is a professor at Groningen University in Geopolitics and Energy, part of the European Energy Academy, a non-executive director of two energy companies and a member of the advisory board of KAPSARC in Saudi Arabia.

Dick de Jong, former Shell employee and now working for the Clingendael International Energy Programme, is appointed as Senior Fellow.

Jean Vermeire, Past President of the International Group of LNG Importers (GIIGNL), member of the Board of Nederlandse Gasunie NV and former Chairman of the Board of Distrigas NV, is appointed as Senior Fellow.

Roy Bilbé, former director of Gasunie Research and now Associate at Bredius Corporate Finance .

Hans Plaat, former reservoir engineer at Shell and now owner of his consultancy company for Reservoir Engineering and Underground Gas Storage.

René Snijder is former Manager Public Affairs at Gasunie responsible for the positioning of Gasunie in the EU.

Jan Prins is former Head Global Energy & Project Finance of ABN AMRO. Currently Jan holds positions in a number of Investment Committees of Private Equity Funds for Infrastructure Projects, for Renewable Energy Project and for Investments in Central Europe.

Gordon Summers is former Vice-President – Middle East / gulf Region of Shell Gas & Power and now independent energy and general management consultant.

Jorg Gigler, Managing Director at Dutch Gas Innovation Team.

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