Associated partners

EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland)
As a 100% state participation, EBN is responsible for a great deal of the income obtained by the Dutch State from gas and oil extraction from the Dutch subsurface. For the production of natural gas and oil, EBN cooperates closely with operators. EBN’s extensive knowledge of the deep subsurface and insight into innovative exploration and extraction techniques enables us to play an important role in the successful production of natural gas and oil – both on land and at sea. EBN identifies opportunities, shares knowledge and promotes a favourable climate for the exploration, development and production of oil and gas.

The technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System and the main carrier of natural gas in Spain. It is also certified as independent TSO European Union, which homologates the company to gas transmission network operators of other European countries. The main mission is to ensure competition and security of the Gas System in Spain. There are nearly 11.000 km of pipelines throughout Spain, three UGS facilities and four regasification plants. Currently they are developing project construction of two LNG terminals in Canarias.



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