2012 - LNG in Zwaar Wegtransport (LNG in Heavy Road Transport), Groningen

On June 14th 2012, the Green Deal LNG Rijn & Wadden was signed by the Dutch National Government, the 4 Northern Provinces, 6 municipalities in that region, SER Noord Nederland and Energy Valley. This Green Deal aims to stimulate the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in shipping and trucking in (the northern part of) the Netherlands by convincing potential users, securing infrastructure and supply, and facilitating in the necessary (societal, legal, and financial) framework.

On that same day the session ‘Haring with LNG’ was organized, to promote the opportunity to use LNG as a relatively clean fuel in shipping, meeting all regulatory requirements, and the opportunity to create related jobs.

The use of LNG in heavy trucking was still to be addressed. That is the reason why Energy Delta Institute decided to take the lead and organize, together with Energy Valley, the event ‘LNG in Heavy Road Transport’ on November 1st, 2012.

Even though the business case to switch to LNG in trucks was apparent to most of the companies owning a truck fleet, and despite the fact that many were interested, it turned out that the logistics sector (with their busy schedules and many last moment decisions to make in this business) turned out to be a difficult target group to facilitate. Disregarding the fact that only about 10% of the participants was representing a logistics company, the session with a turnout of 60 can be regarded a success. After the five very interesting presentations from Gasunie, Vos Logistics, Daimler-Benz, GDF Suez, and Shell, a lively discussion emerged. During this discussion one of the important issues turned out to be regulation, mainly around installing the needed infrastructure. So it was no wonder that many of the 60 participants were from governmental institutions. Perhaps a second session with a focus on regulation is not such a bad idea…

In summary, interesting information was dispersed and many questions were answered. ‘A Trucker’s Meatball with LNG’ turned out to be less appropriate than ‘Haring with LNG’, but hopefully in the future we will see more and more truckers’ meatballs going towards LNG trucks!

This event was made possible by EDI’s EDIAAL programme. EDIAAL is an Energy Delta Institute programme that aims to gather, edit and make available independent knowledge on the role of gas in the transition to a low carbon economy. The EDIAAL project is partly made possible by a subsidy granted by The Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN). EDIAAL is co-financed by the European Union, European Fund for Regional Development, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and Peaks in the Delta.

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