2013 - Energy Summer School for PhD’s, Groningen

Energy transition is a complex topic which requires expertise and insights from different perspectives. It is a matter of national and international importance, with significant implications for economic, ecological, societal and political welfare.

The Groningen Energy Summer School 2013 for PhD students takes an interdisciplinary approach to energy transition. By bringing together and combining a broad range of disciplines, this summer school will offer a unique opportunity to PhD students to become aware of different aspects of the energy transition, to develop novel insights and to create synergy in approaches to energy transition. The summer school will be the opportunity to connect to new networks, to learn from experts in the field including practitioners, and to discuss one’s own work. Group work on a case study (‘Russia and energy transition’) will further ensure an interdisciplinarity experience.

The summer school took place between 17 and 28 June 2013 in Groningen, The Netherlands. It was jointly organized by the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme (GESP) and by the department of International Relations and International Organisations of the University of Groningen. The summer school was realized in partnership with the University of Groningen, EDGaR, EDI, and the Stichting Noord-Nederland Rusland 2013.

*EDIAAL is an Energy Delta Institute programme that aims to gather, edit and make available independent knowledge on the role of gas in the transition to a low carbon economy. The EDIaal project is partly made possible by a subsidy granted by The Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN). EDIaal is co-financed by the European Union, European Fund for Regional Development, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and Peaks in the Delta.

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