2013 - International Supervisory Board, Saint Petersburg

On 19th April 2013 the International Supervisory Board Meeting, hosted by Gazprom, was held in Saint Petersburg. This meeting annually takes place in order to discuss and justify the strategy and developments of Energy Delta Institute. Representatives of the founding partners and the board members of Energy Delta Institute (EDI) were present during this meeting.

Before the meeting, a social programme was organized by Gazprom for all the delegates. A city tour in Saint Petersburg was followed by a private dinner in restaurant Dickens.

The meeting took place in hotel Europa, St. Petersburg. From Russia Mr Khomyakov (Deputy Chairman of Gazprom’s Management Committee) was appointed to chair this year’s ISB meeting. Mr Khomyakov was accompanied by Mrs Tokareva, Mrs Injevatova, Mrs Kasyan, Mr Balobin (Gazprom), and Mr Ivanov (Interpreter). The following ISB members were present: Mr van Gelder (CEO N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie),Gertjan Lankhorst (CEO GasTerra B.V.) and Mr Dekker (Shell). The board of EDI; Mr Vermeulen (Director Business Development, Gasunie), Mr Dam (president EDI), Fliek (Director EDI) and Mr Garretsen (University of Groningen) and several other participants were present as well.

EDI’s president, Mr Dam informed the board about the highlights of 2012 and the financial report 2012 accompanied by Mr Fliek. During the meeting also the developments at the founding partners of EDI were discussed. Appreciation was expressed for the efforts made to the renewed ambition of EDI. Members of the Supervisory Board admitted the success of the renewed ambition, which has led to a new strategy. An international approach, Joint Excellence and life long learning are important elements of EDI’s new strategy.

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