2016 - Tour du Monde

On the occasion of the IGU Council meeting in Amsterdam this week, EDI organised a lively session for young industry executives. With senior experts from North America, Asia and Africa, the session the session took place under the name of ‘Tour du Monde’. Young energy professionals had the opportunity to get inspired by speakers from leading energy companies about global key developments. The session was organised with the support of the Royal Dutch Gas Association (KVGN) and the President of the International Gas Union.   

From right to left, Tim Egan (IGU Regional Coordinator for North America  and CEO, Canadian Gas Association, Canada), Terence Thorn (President JKM Consulting, Houston), Han Fennema (President, Royal Dutch Gas Association – KVGN and CEO, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, The Netherlands), Cao Yujun (Secretary of the Board of the Director, Beijing Gas Group Co. Ltd, China), Khaled Abu Bakr (IGU Regional Coordinator The Middle East & Africa and Chairman, Egyptian Gas Association, Chairman TAQA Arabia, Egypt), Marcel Kramer (President, Energy Delta Institute and IGU Regional Coordinator for Russia, the Black Sea and the Caspian), Anja Hulshof (Managing Director, Energy Delta Institute), Eline de Wagt (Senior Project & Event Manager, Energy Delta Institute). 

Tour du Monde