2019 - Workshop TSO of the future (in cooperation with ENTSOG)

At the 2nd of April 33 participants from 14 different companies joined us in Brussels for our workshop "The future role of TSOs" The main question we tried to answer during the event was where natural gas TSOs could be in 20 years from now? It was the first time we organised such an event for (young) TSO professionals.together with Entsog and hopefully not the last. During the workshop we dove into business innovation the role of gas in a hybrid future, and looked into technologies, such as power to gas, hydrogen and CCS. All the presentations can be found below. After the event there was a possibility to network with each other and some of the more senior Entsog members. We look back on a very succesful day and will keep you updated on future TSO related events. 


Download Presentation Yousri Mandour.pdf

Download Presentation Jan Ingwersen.pdf

Download Presentation Jan Veijer.pdf

Download Presentation Arthur & Boorsma.pdf

Download Presentation Catrinus Jepma.pdf




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