International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals in Croatia - 2017

After a successful and fruitful visit to last year’s International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals in Croatia, EDI will also attends this year’s meeting in Opatija, on 3-5 May.

The three-day international gas conference and exhibition, the largest annual gas event in South East Europe will gather about 600 renowned experts and managers from about 230 companies, organisations and institutions actively involved in the energy and gas industry of Croatia and about 20 other countries.

The conference will cover a range of gas related topics, such as gas infrastructure, natural gas applications and  CO2 reductions, maintenance issues and the use of LNGs. In addition, strategies and policies for achieving a secure energy supply, in Croatia and the wider region, while meeting the goals of low-carbon and sustainable energy systems, will also be touched upon.

EDI representatives will also contribute to the conference with presentations on “The Liberalisation of Gas Market and Security of Supply - Past Experiences” (Marcel Kramer, President) and  “The development of maritime small scale LNG applications in North West Europe” (Andrej Tibold, Senior Energy Analyst).

For more information about the programme of this workshop, click here.

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