Micro MBA Oceans of New Energy

20 September 2018 - Delft, The Netherlands


Around 71% of our planet’s surface is covered by water. Our seas and oceans hold almost 97% of the earth’s water reserves. When you come to think of it, it might make more sense to call planet Earth planet Water, at least judging by the share it covers our surface. Up to now oceans and seas primarily served as ways of maritime transportation, allowing huge trade flows between the continents. Of course, fish and seafood are a major resource provided by the oceans. As for energy, subsurface ocean oil and gas reserves have been fueling our economies for many decades.

But there is a far bigger natural resource that has remained largely untapped, renewable energy from the oceans and seas, until now. With offshore wind, a first step has been made towards harvesting this enormous resource and developing a mature technology. New maturing technologies, such as tidal energy, OTEC and blue energy could develop along similar pathway and help to exploit the vast renewable energy potential. Moreover, oceans are our biggest storage for warmth and cold, and can help to reduce green house gases from the atmosphere. Could the oceans be our forgotten ally in tackling climate change and realising the energy transition? They probably are, but only if we make full use of its potential.

Join us on September 20th at the DOB-Academy in Delft to learn more about maturing oceans technologies from experts and take part in our fish bowl session. We look forward to meeting you there!

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