Seminar: North Sea as a Future Powerhouse - 2017

2017, Aberdeen – United Kingdom, Hamburg – Germany, Stavanger – Norway and Copenhagen – Denmark

EDI is working on the organisation of a second edition of this course event in one of the other North Sea countries.

As Michael Pye described in his book ‘The edge of the world’, the North Sea stimulated modernity and economic growth in the many of the countries surrounding it. Especially, its oil and gas resources have allowed society to thrive and caused great economies to emerge. However,  fact is that there are about 600 gas production platforms in the North Sea which will have to be decommissioned in the coming decades. In addition to that, offshore wind capacity is increasing and leading to more need for storage of the power surplus. By combining the two, the fossil installations and networks may get new purposes and decommissioning may be delayed, while new grid investment may not be necessary and wind energy can be converted in a way that makes it easier to store and to transport.

This event, designed with the aim to build bridges between the fossil energy industry and the offshore wind sector, consists of a theoretical framework containing an "outlook" for offshore developments in the gas and wind industry, and will outline the most important options for achieving synergies and the influence of regional planning. The afternoon session will be marked by the industry with several offshore players discussing their offshore developments and their view on potential realisable synergies.

The intention is there to develop similar events in other North Sea regions. For more information about this event please contact Miralda van Schot, .

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