Seminar: North Sea as a Future Powerhouse – 2016/2017

2016-2017, Amsterdam - the Netherlands,  Aberdeen – United Kingdom, Hamburg – Germany, Stavanger – Norway and Copenhagen – Denmark

A 2-day seminar “North Sea as a future powerhouse” is designed with the aim to build bridges between the fossil energy industry and the offshore wind sector. Fact is that there are about 600 gas production platforms which will have to be decommissioned in the coming decades and, next to that, offshore wind capacity is increasing and leading to more need for storage of the power surplus. The seminar’s goal is to promote the communication between and coordination of professionals from the involved energy sectors, offshore gas, wind and transportation/storage systems, by letting them to take note of wind and grid-issues and vice versa. In this way, the gas and renewables will become wider connected on the point of the exchange, storage and transport of energy and this can lead to new initiatives to promote cooperation of gas and wind on sea. 

Note that this event is still under development at EDI, but would you like to be kept up-to-date about the development of the seminar and would you like to be notified as the seminar series begins, please sent a message to



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