Natural Gas Strategy Course

Putting global gas markets, its major players and major drivers in context; taking you a step further in strategic thinking!

Highlights of the Executive Master module: Natural Gas Strategy Natural Gas Strategy Course, Moscow, Russia

  • Part of the Executive Master of Gas Business Management but can be attended as a separate module

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Key benefits of this Gas Strategy training

What's in it for you?

The Natural Gas Strategy Course is one of three separate, though mutually linked Master programmes, that can also be joined on a stand-alone basis. The three Master Programmes can be concluded by a Summer Academy and a Thesis project. After completion, you will obtain the title of Executive Master of Gas Business Management.

After this strategy training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the process of business developments and strategy formulation.
  • Combine the disciplines of strategic analyses with insight into gas market developments.
  • Place their company's activities in a strategic context.
  • Relate their own activities to the strategic goals of their companies.


Which topics are addressed during this natural gas strategy training?

  • International gas market developments
  • Market reform policies and their impact on the business
  • Russian gas industry
  • Risk analysis in relation to strategic options
  • (Geo)politics and their impact on the
  • Gas business
  • Strategies and Issues for the midstream gas industry


Participant's profile

At whom is the Natural Gas Strategy training course targeted?

You are a manager and professional operating in the gas industry or a related organisation and you are involved in making strategic decisions

You should:

  • Have relevant work experience in a management or staff position (dealing with issues related to the energy market)
  • Master the key concepts of economics and business administration.
  • Be capable of translating theoretical knowledge into pro-active behaviour.
  • Have a good command of the English language.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Van de Putte is Senior Director and Head of Scenario Processes and Applications at PFC Energy International. Before his current position, he worked as Director and Head of Global Practices with World Economic Forum.. Other positions Van de Putte held were Senior Strategy and Portoflio Advisor to the Committee of Managing Directors at Shell International. Prior to his positions at Shell, he was Director and co-leader of the shareholder value practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Simon Blakey, a leading authority on the European energy industry, acted  as Special Envoy for Eurogas, the association of European gas companies, from 2010 to 2014. Before joining Eurogas, Mr. Blakey worked for almost twenty years for CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates), now IHS Energy. He was the founder of CERA's European natural gas and power research practices. During that time, his research and consulting assignments covered a broad range of strategic issues for companies in the European energy business.



“I registered for this course because I wanted to have a more comprehensive view of the context of the industry I am working in, and a better insight in its dynamics. I certainly got that. The course is very concentrated. The quality of the teaching staff ensured that the course succeeded in doing this, even to industry insiders. They know and understand the essentials. This helps them to recognize and concentrate on core issues in the course too. And... we found them to be highly inspiring. I also enjoyed working on the case study. To me it was a valuable practical exercise. Did the course help me in my current job? Oh, absolutely. The course expanded my overall scope and that is a big help right now.”

Wim Tichelaar
Sr. Senior Sales Manager, Gasunie Gas Transport Services B.V.

Useful information

Natural Gas Strategy Course

19 - 23 June 2017
18 - 22 September 2017
€ 9.850 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included)
to be determined
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The programme fee is € 9.850 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included) .

Extra information

Examination: € 1.500 (VAT excluded). Examination only applicable for participants who take part in the Executive Master of Gas Business Management.


Participants of the Executive Master module: Natural Gas Strategy will receive a certificate on behalf of the University of Groningen.

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