European Energy Markets Course

The impact of the Energy Transition on the European Energy Markets, a paradigm shift or evolutionary change?

This 4-day introductory course addresses and integrates key economic, institutional, technical and developmental aspects of European energy markets, from the perspective of the 2015 Paris agreement. The programme provides insights into the energy transition from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, and explains the challenges to be overcome. The course also covers the cyber subjects of smart grids and smart cities in view of the electrification and the use of green gases.

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Key benefits of this Energy Markets training course

Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate the dynamics of the European energy industry
  • Explain supply and demand in the EU gas, heat and electricity markets
  • Assess geopolitical and regulatory frameworks of energy markets in Europe
  • Anticipate the challenges and opportunities of building sustainable future cities
  • Assess the future of a single integrated EU energy market


Which topics are addressed during this energy training?

  • Context: fundamentals of the energy sector and the onset of the energy transition, from a global and EU perspective.
  • Present: the impact of the energy transition to date on the actors/stakeholders in the energy value chain.
  • Future: the possible impact of expected and predicted developments (renewables, storage, grid smartness, green gas (hydrogen, synthetic methane,...)) on the energy sector and the integration with transportation and heating of buildings. 

Participant's profile

At whom is the European Energy Markets training targeted?

This course is designed for participants who are relatively new to the energy business and/or professionals from different institutions related to the energy industry:

  • Professionals entering or moving into European gas-heat-electricity markets
  • Consultants working in the European energy industry
  • Project coordinators (energy sector realisation programmes)
  • Strategy advisors (energy sector roadmaps)
  • Industry professionals, seeking evaluation and update of developments within changing European energy markets
  • Regulatory affairs and relations officers/managers


Theo Fens is a seasoned professional with a broad industrial background. His working experience encompasses more than 40 years in the industry (process control, telecom, oil and gas engineering), consultancy (energy markets and IT), and research (physics and economy). Theo fills a senior research fellow position at Technical University Delft in the field of Energy Markets.



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Useful information

European Energy Markets Course

11 May 2020
14 May 2020
€ 3.200,- (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included)
Copenhagen, Denmark (TBC)
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The programme fee is € 3.200,- (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included).


Participants of the European Energy Markets course will receive a certificate on behalf of the University of Groningen.

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