Online learning programme

Design an online learning programme, to learn when and where convenient


  • Determine the focus and duration of the programme
  • Online accessible when and where convenient
  • Train many employees in your company

Key Benefits

  • Many employees at same knowledge level concerning specific topics
  • Recognise main developments and challenges
  • Identify the possibilities and threats for your organisation


Energy Delta Institute and her faculty members offer a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise on topics concerning that concern the energy business and industry of today and tomorrow.  We can develop tailor made programmes covering not only the energy value chain and markets, but also strategic issues such as technologies, finance, stakeholder management and energy geopolitics.

An example of an online programme is the Introduction to the energy landscape. During 6 modules of approximately 30 minutes each, current developments and future challenges of the energy value chain are explained.

The modules are:

  • Energy transition
  • Production
  • Trade
  • Transport and distribution
  • Supply
  • Customer


"The energy landscape is in full swing and developments are moving fast. At Eneco Group we consider it important that all our employees have an understanding of this (changing) world of energy. EDI developed the online tutorial ‘Introduction into the energy landscape’ for Eneco. Every employee at Eneco has access to it. EDI’s expertise and thorough approach resulted into a valuable programme that allows all employees to learn more about the energy landscape."
Rik Rombouts, HR Product Owner, Eneco Groep

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