Portfolio training selection

Design a programme based on elements from EDI’s training portfolio 


  • Mix and match elements from existing high level training programmes
  • Determine the focus and duration of the programme
  • Define your preferred learning methods

Key Benefits

  • Recognise main challenges regarding specific topics
  • Identify the context between various elements
  • Gain a complete overview based on your business


Optional topics for a tailored training programme may include:

  • European Energy Markets and trading hubs
  • Gas Value Chain
  • Finance and risk management
  • LNG business aspects
  • UGS commercialisation
  • Gas strategy development
  • Gas Transport & Trading
  • Energy innovation and transition
  • New Business Models
  • Natural Gas Strategy
  • Large Energy Projects
  • EU – Russia relationship in the energy sector
  • Tax and regulation
  • Energy law
  • Leadership and corporate structures
  • Electricity markets and technologies
  • Public Acceptance
  • Smart Grids
  • Green Gas 
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