Talent development programme

Practical implementation of theory in daily work environment 


  • Focuses on development of a specific target group within the organisation
  • Combines business aspects, network, cases and skills
  • Duration of multiple months/years

Key Benefits

  • Brings theory in to practice using case studies
  • Enables the participants to take the next step in their job/career
  • Creates added value for company’s in-house knowledge and day-to-day work
  • Time efficiency using 70/20/10 theory  


A talent development programme will be designed specifically for the target group (e.g. trainees, young professionals and middle-management).

Within a talent development programme the learning theory of 70/20/10 can be properly applied. We develop programmes which enable us to educate participants both online and offline (10) and which have a directly impact on their day-to-day job (70) and personal relationships with their co-workers and social contacts (20).

One such example is the Energy Market and Trading course for IT specialists which we designed for one of our partners. This programme consists of 6 classroom training days for a group of 40 IT specialists, upon completion of which they will have acquired knowledge of:

  • Electricity value chain
  • Gas value chain
  • Electricity portfolio management
  • Gas portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • Energy Trading
  • Leadership skills
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