Master Class ‘Indian Energy Landscape in Transition’

Recognise the drivers of global and Indian energy revolution

Highlights of the course: 

  • Unique combination of European experts and Indian academia and energy professionals
  • Global energy scene with a zoom in to the Indian energy landscape
  • Best practice examples from Europe and the Netherlands
  • Including e -learning

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Key benefits of the Master Class ‘Indian Energy landscape in transition’

What's in it for you?

The Master Class is designed to give participants an in-depth insight on key energy developments in the global energy scene. Against this background, it zooms in on the Indian energy landscape from both an inside and outside perspective.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Enhance strategic thinking
  • Compare varying global energy outlooks
  • Assess the global options for natural gas, power and renewables
  • Recognise the drivers behind the global energy transition
  • Explain internal and external expert perspectives on the Indian energy landscape
  • Analyse different energy demand and supply scenarios for India
  • Understand European best practice examples of utilities, network operators, policy makers, IOCs and new players
  • Assess and recognise the financial and business models available


Which topics are addressed during this energy storage training course?

  • Global energy scene focus on gas, LNG, power and renewables
  • Indian energy landscape of supply, demand, market, integration and infrastructure
  • Energy transition, global and local Mumbai
  • Key players characteristics and main challenges
  • Business models, risk assessment and finance structures

Participant's profile

At whom is the Master Class ‘Indian Energy landscape in transition’ targeted?

This four-day programme is designed for participants who would like to have a comprehensive overview of all elements in the energy value chain influencing the Indian energy landscape in transition:

  • Graduates with newly acquired roles in energy companies (e.g. traders, business developers)
  • Young professionals
  • Experienced professionals moving into the energy industry
  • Technical and/or operational staff
  • Commercial and finance professionals working in the gas industry
  • Governmental officials
  • Management

Useful information

Master Class ‘Indian Energy landscape in transition’

Fall 2017
Fall 2017
€1.300 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included) / ₹95.000 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included)
Mumbai, India
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The programme fee is € 1.300 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included) / ₹95.000 (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included).


Participants of this course will receive a certificate on behalf of Nyenrode Business University and Energy Delta Institute.

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