Lecture series ‘Digital Energy’

The digital transformation of the energy sector

Highlights of the lecture series: 

  • In cooperation with Nyenrode Business University
  • With lecturers from TU Delft, PwC, University of Groningen and Nyenrode
  • 6 lectures, 6 topics on 6 different days from 15.30 – 18.30

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Key benefits of these lecture series on digital energy

What's in it for you?

  • Getting insight in the driving forces behind the digital transformation
  • Digitalisation as enabler of a successful energy transition
  • Gaining new knowledge about promising digital applications
  • Development of new services and products
  • Monitoring the risks that come with digitalisation
  • The importance of a proper digitalisation strategy


Which topics are addressed during these Digital Energy lecture series?

During six lectures, the most crucial aspects of the digital transformation in the energy sector will be discussed with special attention to the risks and opportunities:

  • The driving forces behind digital transformation and digitalisation as an accelerator of the energy transition
  • Applying big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (Internet of Things)
  • Energy trade of the future: opportunities for blockchain applications
  • The rise of new digital services and revenue models
  • Risks as result of digitalisation: cyber security and defence
  • Setting up the right digitalisation strategy

Participant's profile

At whom is the Digital Energy training targeted?

This training is targeted at professionals in and outside of the energy sector who are actively dealing with the effects of the digital transformation and would like to gain insight into the most important opportunities and implications for the energy sector.


  • Peter Verhoef: Professor, Director University Groningen Business School
  • Bob de Wit; Professor Strategic Leadership, Nyenrode Business University (t.b.c.)
  • Lecturer from PwC

The programme manager holds the right to adjust changes in the list of lecturers

Useful information

Lecture series ‘Digital Energy’

3 December 2018
28 January 2019
€1.995 (6 lectures, documentation, coffee/tea and meals included, VAT excluded)
Breukelen, The Netherlands
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The programme fee is € 1.995 (6 lectures, documentation, coffee/tea and meals included, VAT excluded).

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