A human resource dialogue across borders

Within the framework of the annual general meeting of the International Business Congress (IBC)  in New Delhi, India, the IBC’s Human Resources, Education and Science Committee gathered on April 28th to discuss India’s contemporary energy sector and investing in human resources.

Indian experts from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the Management Development Insitute (MDI) informed the delegates on the situation in the Indian energy sector and organisations that play an important role in human resource development for  the Indian energy sector.

Energy Delta Institute’s Managing Director shared the business school’s experience in working with Indian partners, including the training of energy professionals in the Netherlands for many years in a row.

The IBC provides a framework for a sustained dialogue across the borders between different cultures and mentalities. This dialogue is conducted at the annual general meetings, the Presiding Committee meetings and within the IBC’s eight working groups, of which Human Resources, Education and Science is one.


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