Executive Education Portfolio – What’s to come in 2017?

With the end of 2016 approaching fast, EDI is already planning its activities for 2017. This year will also see some new training programmes.

EDI’s first training course in the new year will be the 4-day Joint Excellence Programme ‘Indian Energy Landscape in Transition’ in Mumbai. India’s top level universities and business, such as TERI University and the Management Development Institute (MDI), are part of this programme. We are very excited about EDI’s first activities in India! And we will, of course, keep you updated on this new development.

For spring 2017 we are planning to run the Master Class Safety Culture & Leadership for the first time. This programme is organised in cooperation with our partner Enagás and will focus on leadership skills in the field of safety and risk management. 

Furthermore, next year we will also carry out our Seminar: North Sea as a Future Powerhouse, a 2-day seminar designed with the aim to build bridges between the fossil energy industry and the offshore wind sector. The seminar aims to promote communication and coordination among the professionals from the particular energy sectors, i.e. offshore gas, wind and transportation/storage systems, by increasing awareness of wind and grid-issues and vice versa.

If you are interested in our Executive Education Portfolio 2017, please download it here

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