Interview with Bramske van Beijma, Manager Energy Transition & Innovation at BAM Infra Energie & Water B.V.

At the end of March we start with another edition of the Executive Programme Energy Transition and Innovation. Time to look back with one of our alumni from last year; Bramske van Beijma, Manager Energy Transition & Innovation at BAM Infra Energie & Water B.V.

What made you decide to take part in the Energy Transition and Innovation course?

I was very much attracted by the topic. The content of the course is well balanced. In addition, the attractive list of speakers made me rather curious.

What did you expect to get out of it?

I expected to increase my knowledge on this topic and to learn new tools that I can use in my daily work as Manager Energy Transition & Innovation at BAM Infra Energie & Water B.V.

In the course I expected to find interesting fellow students, which I in fact have. The course thus also very beneficial in that sense that it enlarged my professional network. Interesting to mention, I have already visited the company of one of these other students.

What question did you focus on in your paper?

In my paper I have focused on the feasibility of emission reduction from heavy machinery (How could fossil fuel emissions be reduced on the construction site?) In my line of work, construction work, we greatly impact the near area of a construction site. In my paper I have highlighted the existence of several initiatives, the option of changing out of machinery as well as the feasibility of use of cleaner fuel sources (local and/or global emission reduction).

How did you and your employer benefit from your learning experience?

Good question! In general, the course has strengthened my understanding of energy transition. I have held several internal lectures within my company.

Interesting enough, I have been interviewed by one of the largest Dutch newspapers after I had published my essay. In addition, I have been asked to present this topic on numerous conferences. Hence, it very much shows that this topic is at the radar of many people and I was able to showcase what my company is doing on this topic.

Why would you recommend others to take part in the Energy Transition and Innovation programme?

If you want to learn more about the topic of Energy Transition and you want to strengthen your professional network, this is an ideal course. As it is an in-house course at Nyenrode it makes the course very effective; one is away from the daily work and can thus continuously focus on the content of the course. Beside its high technical content, its quality and the competent speakers, the course strengthen your professional network. So yes, I strongly recommend this course to others!

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