New Energy Coalition hosts climate summit of the Northern Netherlands

Parallel to the UN Climate Change Conference taking place 6-17 November in Bonn, Germany, the Northern Netherlands witnessed a regional climate summit of its own. On November 9th, the New Energy Coalition hosted the first ever Climate Summit of the Northern Netherlands. For this occasion it opened the doors of its newly built Energy Academy building at the Groningen university campus.

The idea behind the summit was to provide a regional counterweight to the Dutch national climate summit, which took place in October of last year. Around 1.200 representatives from companies, environmental organisations and governmental institutions attended the event. Almost 200 of them presented ideas on how to reach the Paris climate goals, during different working groups, sessions and presentations.

Twenty bounding initiatives to speed up the achievement of these goals were agreed by local parties, such as CO2 capturing, large scale electrolysis and educational programmes. An initiative that could make the region stand out from the rest of the Netherlands is the development of a green hydrogen economy, which could gradually replace the role of natural gas. The Northern Provinces are convinced that the potential is there, but that forces should be joined in order for it to be realised.

Gertjan Lankhorst, Director New Energy Coalition, stated that New Energy Coalition is a response to the new coalition agreement of the Dutch government, which has challenged the Northern Netherlands to become leading in the energy transition and form a knowledge centre in this field. The climate summit should just be the beginning of that. Together with Energy Valley, Energy Academy Europe and Energy Delta Institute makes up the New Energy Coalition.


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