News about our Master of Gas Business Management

Together with the University of Groningen, Energy Delta Institute decided to end our Master of Gas Business Management (MGBM). The MGBM is the oldest programme of the Energy Delta Institute and proved to be a very successful with more than 300 participants that participated in at least one of the modules since the start in 2002.

The master consisted of three modules; Energy Business Management Course (EBMC), Large Energy Projects Course (LEPC)  and the Natural Gas Strategy Course (NGSC). In 2016 the last editions of the EBMC and LEPC took place and only the NGSC will be held once more in 2017. Next year’s NGSC programme will navigate you through the uncertain natural gas sector for sustainable value creation. Note, that it is also possible to attend this master module as a separate executive programme, without the need to attend the other modules. You can find more on this programme here.

We believe it is time to move on and look into new opportunities. Nevertheless, the topics discussed during these modules remain of great relevance and we will investigate the possibility to bring our two week modules back as shorter Master classes in 2017.

We will keep you updated on all new developments!

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