What 2018 has in store for us

The New Year is already approaching fast. And that is why EDI is unfolding its plans for 2018. A New Year is a new chance to develop yourself! The 2018 portfolio offers a broad range of training programmes, some of them are familiar proven concepts, while others are new and touch on hot topics.

One of the ‘proven concepts’ in the portfolio for 2018 is the Executive Programme Energy Transition and Innovation. During two modules you will learn everything about the challenges of the energy transition and the business skills needed to turn into a success. With lecturers from Nyenrode Business University, Shell, International Energy Agency, RWTH Aachen University and others, inclduing a visit to E.ON Energy Research Centre in Aachen, you will gain in-depth knowledge on the business and human aspects of the energy transition.

Another recurring programme is the Masterclass in Energy Storage. The integration of the large streams of renewable energy will provide a challenge for the existing energy system. Energy Storage is part of the solution for the business case of renewable energy sources. This Masterclass covers the current possibilities in storage, including power-to-gas technology, hydrogen and batteries.

One of the new topics in the EDI portfolio is the Masterclass in Small Scale LNG. The three-day programme is designed to give you an overview of the latest technologies and business models in one of the world’s leading regions for small scale LNG, Northwest Europe.

Another new training programme which is currently being developed, is a Masterclass in North Sea Energy. During this programme you can learn about the issues related to the developments on the North Sea, such as future energy flows of the North Sea and the transition of the offshore industry.

But our portfolio has much more to offer. Check out our website for the entire overview (pdf).

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