N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

EDI is set up as a joint foundation between the then still unbundled N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (now split up in GasTerra B.V. and N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie), OAO Gazprom and the University of Groningen.

About N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
In 1959 the Netherlands made a discovery which changed the course of its history: the largest natural gas reserves in Europe were found in the northern part of the country and this fossil fuel became the most important Dutch source of energy. Natural gas production started in 1963 and Gasunie was set up and given responsibility for purchasing, transporting and selling this valuable Dutch asset. Our small country quickly turned into a large pool of experience in producing, transporting and marketing natural gas resources. N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie is a gas trading and transmission company.
On 1 July 2005, N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie was demerged into two autonomous corporate entities. The separation was made mandatory through EU Directives concerning liberalisation of the European gas market. The company's transport and infrastructure activities were continued under the name N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, or Gasunie for short.

For more information on N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, please visit: www.gasunie.nl

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