OAO Gazprom

EDI is set up as a joint foundation between the then still unbundled N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (now split up in GasTerra B.V. and N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie), the University of Groningen and OAO Gazprom.

About OAO Gazprom
Gazprom is the world's largest gas producing and trading organisation. Its production volumes account for over a fifth of global natural gas production. Gazprom's extensive system of pipelines transports natural gas from enormous natural gas fields in Western Siberia, to the densely populated regions of the country. The company supplies about 20% of Western Europe's gas demand and practically the whole of Eastern Europe 's. Gazprom employs around 300,000 people.

For more information on OAO Gazprom, please visit: www.gazprom.com

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