• mei 12, 2020

The live webinar takes place on Thursday, May 28 13:00 – 14:00 CEST

LNG as an alternative for diesel in heavy haulage was just gaining momentum, after a period dominated by early adopters in various markets, and now the world is hit by a Corona crisis.

This momentum was driven by the German government incentive to free all natural gas trucks from the tolls on the German high ways. And suddenly the largest truck market in Europe started to move towards LNG.

As the European car industry is “retooling” towards Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV’s), the legitimate question would be: Why not Battery Electric Trucks? Followed by the next question: Can we use fuel cells as range extender? And will this Corona virus accelerate or slow down these developments?

During this webinar Peter Hendrickx will give his view on these questions and guide you through the European developments making a transition possible with natural gas (followed by bio-gas) as sustainable alternative for diesel. You will be invited to an interactive session to share your thoughts and questions with us.

Did you miss the webinar? No worries! Click the link down below.


  • LNG truck technology is getting mature.
  • European LNG refuelling infrastructure takes off like a rocket (finally Germany awakes!)
  • To meet Paris CO2 reduction targets, action needed NOW!
  • Will Sustainable Hydrogen for Battery Electric range extenders for trucks become available in time?

Expert & moderator of the webinar

Leon Stille

Leon Stille has been General Manager of the Energy Delta Institute since September 2019. Before that he worked for 7 years as Business Development Manager Renewable Gas & Innovation and Renewable Energy at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He has also worked in commercial roles for several energy companies such as Dutch distribution system operator Alliander and international oil and gas technology supplier Frames. He holds an MSc in renewable energy technology and BSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht.

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