• april 29, 2020

The live webinar takes place on Tuesday, May 19 13:00 – 14:00 CEST

In addition to the impact of energy transition, severe disruptions due to recent Covid-19 turmoil deepens the challenges of global natural gas markets. There are many speculations on how natural gas industry would now deal with “greening” electricity production, unbalanced demand and supply, increasingly volatile oil prices, alternative utilization of networks, new technologies, national self-sufficiency aspirations, more and more regulatory and political interventions.

Some reactions of “the market” are already visible, some are yet to come. Will the market change (again)? Will new players evolve? Will “green” or “blue” gas replace natural gas? Is there a future for a conventional energy at all? When are changes likely to come? Where are the chances? 

During this webinar Andrej Pustišek will discuss the worldwide developments in natural gas and competitive and supplementary sources of energy. He also explains why natural gas might be considered an essential constituent, also in a “green and sustainable” future, and play an important role in our energy system.

This is an interactive session where your questions will be addressed and any discussion is welcomed.

Did you miss the webinar? No worries! Click the link down below.


  • Main developments and challenges of international natural gas markets
  • The potential future of the gas market
  • Chances and risks
  • New projects – cui bono?
  • The future of natural gas

Expert & moderator of the webinar

Leon Stille

Leon Stille has been General Manager of the Energy Delta Institute since September 2019. Before that he worked for 7 years as Business Development Manager Renewable Gas & Innovation and Renewable Energy at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He has also worked in commercial roles for several energy companies such as Dutch distribution system operator Alliander and international oil and gas technology supplier Frames. He holds an MSc in renewable energy technology and BSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Utrecht.

Webinar on Natural Gas

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