Get up to speed on the impact of the energy transition on European energy markets

European energy markets are undergoing a major transformation that has only just begun and that will affect all of European society.

This virtual version of the introductory course “European Energy Markets” looks at how the 2015 Paris Agreement will lead to a shift from a fossil-fuel-based energy system to a zero-emission system based on renewable energies.

It addresses and integrates all the key economic, technological, political and regulatory aspects of this major change and will highlight the opportunities provided by new developments around electrification, green gases, smart grids and smart cities.

How you benefit

  • Acquire strategic perspective on European energy transition
  • Anticipate challenges and opportunities
  • Acquire international network of peers and experts

About the program

This intensive course will give you a complete overview of how European energy markets work and how they are expected to be transformed by the transition to a zero-emission energy system.

It is a must for anyone who wants to gain a critical understanding of this hugely important and complex development that will affect us all.


  • Existing and future political, regulatory and geopolitical frameworks of European energy markets
  • Impact of new developments (in renewables, storage, smart grids, green gas, hydrogen, etc.) on the energy sector and incumbent market players
  • Increasing integration of electricity, transport and heating sectors
  • What will future smart and sustainable cities look like

What you learn

  • Understand supply and demand dynamics in EU gas, heat and electricity markets
  • Understand (geo-)political and regulatory frameworks of European energy markets
  • Anticipate challenges and opportunities of energy transition and sustainable cities of the future
  • Assess the future of a single integrated EU energy market

Who should attend

For participants who are, or will become active in the energy sector or energy-related institutions:

  • Professionals in European energy markets
  • Consultants/advisors working in the European energy industry
  • Project coordinators, strategy advisors in the energy sector
  • Industry professionals who need to assess the impact of the energy transition on their business fields
  • Regulatory affairs and public relations officers/managers working for national, provincial or municipal bodies
Module 1
  • 19 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    20 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    21 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    22 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    23 October 2020 (a half-day session)
  • Online (platform will be clarified by e-mail)
Lecturer European Energy Markets & Hydrogen

Theo Fens

Dr. Theo Fens is an independent consultant, associated partner at Deloitte Consultancy and associate partner at the Global Gas Netherlands Initiative. Since 2002 he has been senior research fellow at Technical University of Delft, Faculty Technology, Policy and Management. He specialises in strategic consultancy in the energy and utilities sector.


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