Energy experts agree that hydrogen will play a key role in a future zero-emission energy system.

Hydrogen fuel can be produced from renewable electricity, but has all the advantages of gas. It can be conveniently stored, transported in the existing gas infrastructure, and used in all those applications that are difficult to electrify, such as high-temperature industrial heating and long-distance transport.

In this course you will get a complete overview of the hydrogen value chain and learn all about the latest developments.

How you benefit

  • In cooperation with Hydrogen Europe (*Members of Hydrogen Europe get a 30% discount on participation)
  • Identify new business opportunities for the future
  • Interact with industry and academia experts within the field of hydrogen
  • Acquire an international network of peers and experts in hydrogen

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About the programme

Academic and industry experts take you on an intensive three-day tour of the exciting new world of hydrogen. You will learn all about how hydrogen can be produced, transported, stored and used in various applications such as heating and transport. The pros, cons and risks of hydrogen will be discussed, considering the latest developments in technology, industry and policy, and the critical decisions that need to be taken to realise hydrogen’s potential.

This course will be put you fully up to speed in a field that will offer many opportunities for decades to come.


  • Introduction to hydrogen and why it is gaining so much momentum
  • Production and supply of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier: For storage, transport and flexibility
  • Business cases on hydrogen production colours and economics towards a hydrogen economy
  • Power-to-hydrogen technologies outlook
  • End-use applications (industry, mobility, and hydrogen as domestic energy in the built environment)
  • Potential roles of hydrogen in a low-carbon zero-emission energy system
  • Economics and pathways to scale-up
  • Latest policies and legislative initiatives
  • Long-term potential – Hydrogen outlook

What you learn

  • Acquire strategic insight into an important building block of future energy systems
  • In-depth knowledge on key elements in energy transition
  • Differentiate the hydrogen production methods and economics towards a hydrogen economy
  • Understand how hydrogen works in power generation, heating, industry, and mobility

Who should attend

This course is for professionals in and outside the energy sector who need to get an in-depth overview of the entire hydrogen value chain and want to learn more about the possibilities hydrogen has to offer. It has been designed for executives in charge of business, operational and senior leaders. Participants include:

  • Business developers and strategic analysts
  • Business analysts and energy analysts
  • (Renewable) energy producers
  • Energy traders and control service providers
  • Energy business consultants
  • Innovation, research and development advisors
  • Policymakers
  • Regulators
Module 1
  • Lecture 1 Wednesday 16 March 2022 09:00 - 14:00 Lecture 2 Thursday 17 March 2022 09:00 - 14:00 Lecture 3 Friday 18 March 2022 09:00 - 14:00
Lecturer European Energy Markets & Hydrogen

Theo Fens

Dr. Theo Fens is an independent consultant, associated partner at Deloitte Consultancy and associate partner at the Global Gas Netherlands Initiative. Since 2002 he has been senior research fellow at Technical University of Delft, Faculty Technology, Policy and Management. He specialises in strategic consultancy in the energy and utilities sector.

Lecturer Hydrogen

Albert van den Noort

Dr Albert van den Noort is senior consultant at the international energy consultancy DNV. He has a background in chemical engineering and applied physics. He specialises in hydrogen, smart energy systems, scientific modelling and simulations, and smart grids. Prior to joining DNV, he worked as a researcher at Gasunie.

Alexandru Floristean

Alexandru Floristean is a Legal and Project Manager at Hydrogen Europe, the European industry association working to make hydrogen energy an everyday reality as a clean technology in the energy and transport sectors. Having experience of working in and for the European Commission, Alexandru has worked to develop EU Policy, improve processes and design legislation. Alexandru is currently the Project Manager of HyLaw, an EU wide effort to analyse the regulatory barriers standing in the way of the wide scale deployment of Hydrogen Technologies. Alexandru holds an MSc in EU Business and Law, a BSc in Business Administration, and a BA in Law.

Rene Peters

Rene Peters is currently Director Gas Technology at TNO in Delft, The Netherlands. He is responsible for technology development in the area of gas technology, including LNG, Gas Transport and Storage, Unconventional Gas, Exploration and Biogas. Rene is leading the Upstream Gas Innovation Program within the Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation – Gas, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. He has a PhD in Fluid Dynamics from the Eindhoven University of Eindhoven, started his career in Shell Research from 1993 – 1998, and moved to TNO where had various technical and managerial positions in the area of Oil and Gas technology. He also acts as a chairman of the European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors and is the chairman of the EERA Shale Gas Initiative.

Reviews 2

The Intensive Course in Hydrogen was time very well spent, both from the perspective of an attendee as well as someone supporting one of the presenters. The programme was packed with relevant, immediately useable content that I’ve been applying to my day-to-day work since. As someone in the industry, I felt it struck a good balance between a refresher and reinforcement on information I was already at least somewhat familiar with, as well as a solid intro into a broader overview of the hydrogen arena. I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to participate!
Leila Asdal Danielsen - Brand Manager at Nel ASA
It has been a real pleasure to attend the Intensive Virtual Course in Hydrogen. The course successfully fulfilled all my expectations regarding both, experienced and knowledgeable lecturers and topics elaborated. It deepened my knowledge on hydrogen as well as gave me the chance to meet various professionals within the industry. It has been really exciting to hear all the different perspectives and thoughts on the future trends, coming from various lecturers whose opinions are shaped by their background and industry experience. Hydrogen as something that has been produced for decades, but never really brought to a bigger scale due to its production methods being either commercially unfeasible or environmentally damaging, finally seems to be having a bright future and leaving a zero-carbon footprint. After attending this course, seeing all of the real industry examples and even more positive future trends and developments, I feel quite optimistic, and I am highly grateful for that.
Matea Golem - Energy Engineer at Ramboll Sweden


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