Learn how to manage complex international energy projects from start to finish

In this 4-day programme led by experienced project managers you learn how to carry out large international energy projects, both in renewables and fossil fuels. The course, which pays special attention to the increasing interconnectedness in global energy systems, covers the entire project management process from project finance and scoping and planning to execution and realisation.

How you benefit

  • Learn how to manage and assess complex energy projects
  • Grow your planning and leadership skills
  • Network with international experts and peers involved in energy project management

*Strong focus on practice
*Latest project management techniques

About the programme

This intensive 4-day programme takes you through the entire process of carrying out a complex international energy project.

The first day covers investment and risk strategies and the different instruments and practices for financing large energy projects. A number of concrete business cases will be assessed.

During the second day, participants will go through the crucial stages of project definition and planning. Special attention is paid to the intercultural and leadership aspects of working on complex projects with international teams.

On the third and fourth day, the focus is on the project execution and realisation phases. Participants will be confronted with all the practical challenges involved in bringing a project to completion and will be given the tools they need to handle this key part of the project management process.


Day 1:

  • Risk analysis and management
  • Economic and financial assessment
  • Project identification
  • Business opportunities related to renewable energy
  • Financial models
  • Financing energy projects
  • Geopolitics and energy

Day 2:

  • Methodologies (CLEAR and SMART goals)
  • Best practices for measuring and progress reporting (scope statement, work breakdown schedules, milestones, key performance indicators)
  • Risk management (how to plan when you don’t have all the answers)
  • Key factors in successful project planning (defining direction, setting baselines, linking tasks)

Day 3 and 4:

  • Legal agreements and permitting (environmental, social, etc.)
  • Joint venture management in projects
  • Public acceptance and stakeholder management
  • Contracting and procurement strategies
  • Construction aspects
  • Planning and managing (human) resources (health and safety issues)
  • Project performance
  • Project governance
  • Lean and agile project management (fast-track projects)
  • Particularities of different projects (LNG, pipelines, offshore wind and solar)

What you learn

  • Get a helicopter view of what is involved in large energy projects
  • Acquire basic insight into all the different aspects of complex projects
  • Acquire the tools needed to direct, manage and assess complex projects from start to finish
  • Ask the right questions from project managers, suppliers and operators

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