How to become a successful leader in disruptive times

The energy industry has been an ever exciting and rewarding sector, not only shaping lives, but enabling cross-sectoral advancements every step of the way. Nowadays, it represents a very challenging landscape for its leaders, as new technologies are brought to light by the energy transition and the disruptive new paradigms set by the 4th industrial revolution. To survive, let alone thrive, energy leaders need to supplement their professional skills with a range of additional leadership skills such as change management, resilience, and stakeholder management. These skills will be presented by recognised experts in their fields, as well as international practitioners in the Energy sector.

How you benefit

  • Obtain key insights in how to be a successful leader in today’s challenging times
  • Learn how to lead, motivate, and inspires others
  • Develop a range of leadership styles appropriate for different situations
  • Learn how to use a range of practical skills and tools
  • Work in groups / participate in several syndicate exercises
  • In cooperation with Nyenrode Business University

About the programme

This programme consists of 2 modules. Module 1 consists out of 2 virtual sessions and is followed by a 3-day module at Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen (the Netherlands). It will help you develop a range of leadership skills needed to master your own performance and become a better leader. Not only of your own teams and organisations, but also beyond them. It will supplement your existing functional, professional, and business skills and will help you to inspire, engage, and motivate others, while also covering topics such as emotional intelligence, innovation, resilience, and adaptability in achieving your organisation’s purposes and strategic objectives.


  • The art and science of different leadership styles
  • Emotional intelligence, motivation and influencing skills
  • High performance team dynamics – challenge and support
  • Diversity and culture
  • Strategic leadership of different types of organisations
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • The role of leaders in business innovation and transformation
  • Stakeholder management

What you learn

By participating in the Leadership programme, you will:

  • gain key insights on how to be a successful leader in today’s challenging and disruptive energy business environment
  • learn practical leadership skills and be presented with several leadership tools
  • understand how to adapt your leadership style according to the specific challenges you face
  • improve your ability to influence, motivate and inspire others to achieve high performance
  • improve your ability to “challenge and support” your team and your organisation at large to deliver your purpose and business objectives
  • learn how to lead different organisational types
  • learn how to manage a diverse range of internal and external stakeholder

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