Discover the new world of hydrogen – get the facts behind the hype

Whether or not we will ever switch to a 100% “hydrogen economy” no one knows, but all experts agree that hydrogen will occupy an important place in the future energy system.

In this intensive one-day masterclass in Brussels, our hydrogen experts offer an overview of the entire hydrogen value chain and look at all the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

How you benefit

  • Identify new opportunities of the hydrogen economy
  • In cooperation with Hydrogen Europe
  • Connect with experts and peers
  • Learn from top hydrogen specialists
  • One day deep dive

Due to the Coronavirus we’re working on a new date for this Masterclass. We offer an online course ‘An Introduction in Hydrogen’ on May 19.

About the programme

This intensive one-day masterclass is given by recognised hydrogen experts from business and academia.

It provides a concise overview of the entire hydrogen value chain and looks at the possibilities and limitations of hydrogen in the future energy system.


  • Hydrogen value chain
  • Possible roles of hydrogen in a low-carbon zero-emission energy system
  • Production of hydrogen: cost, volumes, latest developments
  • Methods of hydrogen storage, transport and flexibility
  • The green hydrogen economy

What you learn

  • Acquire strategic insight into important building block of future energy system
  • Get the real facts behind the hydrogen hype
  • Understand how hydrogen works in power generation, energy storage, heating, industry and mobility
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Interact with experts and peers

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