How to benefit from disruptive change in the energy sector

In this series of six keynote lectures we explore some of the unprecedented and disruptive changes the energy world is going through. The lectures will also look at the likely effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the energy sector. They will address topics such as new business models, leadership strategies, national strategies and integrated financial thinking. The series represents an update and selection of lectures from the executive programme New Energy Realities, which will run in full again in the autumn of 2021.

How you benefit

  • Learn from and interact with top experts from different European countries
  • Be informed of latest developments and learn about new business models
  • Get high-level overview of current state of energy transition with limited investment of time
  • Easy to follow online

* In cooperation with Agora Energiewende and ESCP Europe

About the programme

In these turbulent times, companies need to rethink the balance between their business models, market opportunities and sustainability requirements. Our lecturers will share their expert knowledge and views on the latest developments in the energy sector in particular as they relate to the  energy transition.

The programme consists of 6 lecturers spread over 6 weeks.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Week 1: Energy Business in the post-COVID world
  • Week 2: National perspectives – ‘green re-boot or back to normal?’ Views from Russia, Scandinavia and Germany
  • Week 3: The digital energy future
  • Week 4: Localization as a new energy paradigm
  • Week 5: Business ethics and leadership in a new reality
  • Week 6: Integrated Thinking: aligning business models, markets and sustainable performance

What you learn

  • Look at the energy world from different perspectives
  • Identify what the energy future might look like
  • Recognise the key trends in the energy transition

Who should attend

This series of lectures is meant for a wide range of professionals who need to look at the energy business from a strategic perspective. For example:

  • Project and change managers
  • Business developers and strategy consultants/managers
  • Information systems managers
  • Marketing and performance consultants/managers
  • Innovation, research and development advisers
  • Regulatory and legal advisers
Module 1
  • Lecture 1Tuesday 1 March 2022Time is to be determined Lecture 2Tuesday 8 March 2022Time is to be determined Lecture 3Tuesday 15 March 2022Time is to be determined Lecture 4Tuesday 22 March 2022Time is to be determined Lecture 5Tuesday 29 March 2022Time is to be determined Lecture 6Tuesday 5 April 2022Time is to be determined
  • OnlineYou will receive an invitation for our online learning platform
Leturer Energy Transition and Innovation & New Energy Realities

Bert Stuij

Bert Stuij (MSc.) is Vice President Innovation at the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) and Manager National Programmes/Energy at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO, a government institution. At EDI, Stuij works on programme development and education with a specific focus on energy transition. At RVO, Stuij is responsible for renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy innovation policy. Previously Stuij worked in the private sector for Shell and at various semi-private institutions (Novem) and government agencies (SenterNovem, AgentschapNL).


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