Learn about the latest technologies and business models from the world’s leading regions and experts in small scale LNG

This intensive course gives you a complete understanding of the brand new small-scale LNG value chain in North-West Europe. It has been developed in cooperation with Fluxys and ESCP Europe.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a strong understanding of the global LNG landscape
  • Understand the small scale gas value chain
  • Recognise new demand enablers for small scale LNG services and explain new business models for small scale LNG
  • Explain the essential elements of small scale LNG technologies and infrastructure
  • Be aware of the risks and challenges involved
  • Gain a basic overview of relevant small scale LNG standardisation and regulation issues

Important noticecontent and price of this course will be updated shortly. The price will not increase and we encourage you to pay with invoice to avoid refunding money.

What will you learn?

  • The global LNG landscape
  • Global market structures and trading
  • How does small scale fit within the LNG value chain?
  • Drivers and enablers for small scale LNG
  • Heavy duty transport
  • LNG off grid applications
  • Bunkering fuel for maritime transport
  • LNG as a Fuel and its characteristics
  • Small Scale LNG Infrastructure & Technology
  • EU’s Clean Power for Transport Package
  • What the future holds in store for SS LNG

Target audience

  • Strategic analysts and business developers
  • Executives, managers and commercial representatives with LNG project development responsibilities
  • Professionals who have on-the-job SS LNG experience
  • Legal advisors and energy business consultants
Module 1
  • 26 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    27 October 2020 (a half-day session)
    28 October 2020 (a half-day session)
  • Online (platform will be clarified by e-mail)
Lecturer Small Scale LNG

Peter Hendrickx

Peter Hendrickx has been active in the automotive industry for almost thirty years. He has extensive experience in the (business) development of LNG and CNG fuelling stations. From 2010 until 2017, he was Senior Operations Manager at Rolande LNG in the Netherlands. With his assistance Rolande LNG managed to become Europe’s biggest operator of LNG fuelling stations.


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