Join us on December 10 at 10.00 CET to meet online with Dr. Xavier Chen, President of the Beijing Energy Club and international energy business executive, consultant and lecturer.

The Financial Times called the official Chinese announcement “ an extremely important shift ”

China accounts for about one quarter of global energy use, and emits close to 30 per cent of worldwide fossil fuel combustion-related CO2 (BP Statistical review).

Obviously, any real change in direction of the Chinese energy policy is important under any circumstance. Can we define this policy announcement and its likely impact more clearly?

Has the long path to this new goal been defined? What will be the steps to take in the coming decade?

Will the share of natural gas continue to rise ? Driven by pipeline gas or LNG ? What about renewable gas in China? How about continued major long-term investment in coal-fired power generation? 

Dr. Xavier Chen, President of the Beijing Energy Club will try to answer these and other questions.

This webinar is the ‘second stop’ in our series of our ‘Tour du Monde’ webinars  about developments in gas and sustainability. You can see the first interview, about North America, here.

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The experts

Xavier Chen

Dr Xavier Chen is President of the Beijing Energy Club – a Beijing-based high-level forum and think-tank on Chinese and global energy issues.

Dr. Chen is a well-known expert on Chinese and global energy issues, with work experiences in the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, International Energy Agency in Paris, BP China Vice President, Statoil/Equinor China President and ENN Chief Strategy Officer.

He played an important role in securing the Chinese presidency of IGU 2021-2024.

Marcel Kramer

After obtaining a master’s degree in Private and Corporate Law, he held several positions in Government and in international organizations (NATO, International Energy Agency). Subsequently Marcel spent his entire career in international energy companies on different continents.

Over the past 15 years, he held a range of senior executive positions in the international gas industry and he has an extensive personal executive network in this field.

He currently works internationally as an independent consultant, company director and advisory board member on strategy, policy and project management in the field of energy and infrastructure.

He is also President of the Energy Delta Institute, an international energy business school, which supports the development of young executives through a wide range of industry courses and networking events.

Marcel Kramer is a frequent public speaker on energy topics and lectures in several executive education programs associated with universities in Europe and Russia. He is an active longstanding member of the Council of the International Gas Union (IGU), for which he also reports to the IGU President as ‘Regional Coordinator’ for Russia, the Black Sea region and the Caspian.


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