Virtual Reality – a new reality

Innovative technology is becoming more and more entrenched in our lives. Virtual reality is an accessible platform that opens up impressive opportunities for people around the world and is used by sectors around the world. Now we do too. We offer a great mix between education and experience with our Virtual Reality Tour about the Hydrogen Value Chain.

Brings education to the next level

To show you the “world of hydrogen”, we developed a virtual reality experience that explains every step of the hydrogen value chain. In this experience, we show you how hydrogen is produced, transported, stored, and what sectors use hydrogen. You will even get to visit places you wouldn’t be able to visit in reality! Learn how hydrogen is stored inside the salt caverns, stand on top of a 6 MW wind turbine, and see the transportation of green hydrogen offshore. Prepare yourself for an amazing view! Experience it first-hand during the Virtual Reality Tour about the Hydrogen Value Chain and explore the field more deeply than ever before.

During the tour the entire hydrogen value chain is explained: from production, storage, to end-use applications.

With this tour, we guide you through the future value chain of green hydrogen and highlight the important aspects that we all need to bear in mind to achieve the environmental goals.

Future developments and benefits for your company

We are currently developing the next separate module about the entire energy chain. This experience will contain various modules including Carbon capture and storage (CCS), natural gas and oil, heat, trading/dispatching. Does your company have strategic facilities in these areas, and would you be interested in a unique opportunity to advertise your facilities through Virtual Reality? Contact us to learn more about building a Virtual Reality module based on your facilities.

Would you like to experience Virtual Reality?

We offer an ‘Experience Day” for your company which includes a demonstration of our Virtual Tour and a supporting lecture by one of our experts which can be customised to your company’s needs. The virtual day can be arranged in any location convenient for you or provided at our facility.