2016 - Gas meets Wind Symposium

During the Gas meets Wind seminar thirty Young Energy Professionals from several gas and wind companies participated in the serious policy game that was previously played by the Dutch Government and the students of Delft University. The game consists of six fictive sea-based countries that all have to build a network of offshore wind farms and interconnectors between the years 2015 and 2050. Years go by fast, and strategy and cooperation between the nations are of great importance. The country that is able to produce most megawatts, is the most cost-efficient and can create a great balance of supply and demand, wins at the end. The game was fun to play and gave some insights in the challenges that are arising in the North Sea area. Below you will find a video impression of the game! Think fast, Act smart and Cooperate!

The Gas meets Wind: North Sea Energy Symposium took place in the framework of the Dutch presidency of the European Union. Keynote speaker Mark Dierikx, Director-General Energy, Telecommunications and Competition at the Ministry of Economic affairs of the Netherlands gave an insight on the political commitment to energy cooperation between the North Seas Countries by going into the Political Declaration signed on the 6th of June by North Sea countries and the Benelux.

During two round table session, key stakeholders discusses the long-term vision for cooperation and short-term call for actions by zooming in on tangible joint options in which offshore wind, gas and grid operators can work together. 

The offshore North Sea oil and gas operators on the Dutch continental shelf, the offshore wind sector and NGO’s have joined forces and ratified and sealed a joint approach by signing of the ‘North Sea Energy Challenge Manifesto’. Hans Timmers, President of the board of NWEA and Jo Peters, Secretary General of NOGEPA are convinced of the benefits of joint efforts. Therefore, they have formed a steering committee together with environmental organization Stichting Natuur & Milieu, Tennet and TNO to further investigate joint possibilities. The steering committee operates in close contact with the MVI-E Lab of the Dutch Topsector Energy in which the many stakeholders in the North Sea region will participate, such as fishery, navigation, ports, nature and agriculture.

The Steering Committee focusses on aligning related initiatives, such as the joint use of logistics and mobility and joint innovation. They will also set up joint research on the potential of electrification of offshore platforms, system-integration, power2gas, storage, E-grid and other matters. Furthermore, the Committee takes upon a common approach in communications and community building by creating a broad council to share interests, expertise, data and logistics support of the energy transition.

By signing the ‘North Sea Challenge’ Manifesto, the gas and wind industry have established an unique collaboration and what could be a new step in the transition to a sustainable, reliable, affordable and safe energy grid on the North Sea.

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