2012 - Energy Efficiency Round Table, Groningen

Topic: Realizing the 100.000 Woningen Plan – How to communicate the benefits of energy efficiency at crucial moments in the decision making process of consumers in the 3 Northern Provinces?

It all started with the ambitious ‘100.000 Woningen Plan’ of the Province of Groningen. This plan entailed the renovation of 100.000 homes by 2015, with improvement by at least two steps in their energy label. A new plan was about to be written and EDI was there when this came about. Thus it was decided to cooperate and acquire input from several key parties.

To let the session be of unique added value, realtors, banks, financial advisors, architects and energy consultants were invited to participate in the round table to stimulate discussion and debate. It was felt that these were key stakeholders in the decision making process leading to energy-efficient housing renovation and at the same time the roundtable could lend organizations the opportunity to improve and extend their services with additional knowledge on the topic.

This knowledge was provided through two insightful presentations. Mr Bruijnes (general director ‘Meer Met Minder’) shed light on the current situation of the process towards more energy efficient houses, and where we should be heading (service and marketing wise) including some handy tools to do so. Lorraine Murphy (PhD at TU Delft) sketched an idea of how people value (or do not value) the energy label of a house and how this affects the negotiation process when buying a house, stemming from her most current research. Also, the influence of different instruments and their timing (at natural moments) on the adoption of energy saving measures was discussed.

During the presentations some interesting topics for further discussion were raised by the participants and luckily an hour long discussion was facilitated. In the end, people came to each other in agreeing that they can work together for further progress and thus contact details were exchanged: a win for the participants, a win for energy efficiency!

It was agreed that next steps will be taken by the participants in progress towards a more energy efficient housing stock in the northern Netherlands. A pitch for realtors, to inform their customers of the potential benefits of efficiency, is at least one deliverable which EDI will help designing.


This event was made possible by EDI’s EDIAAL programme. EDIAAL is an Energy Delta Institute programme that aims to gather, edit and make available independent knowledge on the role of gas in the transition to a low carbon economy. The EDIAAL project is partly made possible by a subsidy granted by The Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN). EDIAAL is co-financed by the European Union, European Fund for Regional Development, The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and Peaks in the Delta.


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