Executive Programme International Gas Business and Cooperation

This executive programme (former Fellowship on Energy Programme) offers a unique learning and network opportunity and addresses the challenges of intercultural gas cooperation which have become more important as energy globalisation increased world’s interconnectedness.

Highlights of the Executive Programme International Gas Business and Cooperation:

  • First module hosted by Fluxys
  • Focus on relationship building between Europe, Russia and Asia and on global gas advocacy
  • Soft skill programme of culture management and international cross-company effort
  • Regional market developments, opportunities for cooperation and international community building discussed during two modules (one in Europe and one in Russia)
  • Supported by a strong advisory board

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Key benefits of this Energy Leadership training course

What's in it for you?

Understanding the transforming energy, and especially gas, markets across Europe and Asia, to gain insights into the essence of the global gas relations and to comprehend the rising need for intercultural understanding in a more and more interconnected world. Top representatives from European, Russian and Asian energy companies, and known institute as OIES, Petronas University and others will discuss the choices made and the challenges ahead. 

  • Module I hosted by Fluxys
  • Module II in cooperation Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Saint Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON)
  • The effect of globalisation on integrating gas markets
  • Balance gas supplies and demand across Europe and Asia
  • Managing inter-cultural liaisons and the importance of culture management in international cooperation
  • Global gas advocacy in relation to the energy transition



Which topics are addressed during this energy transition executive programme?

  • Energy globalisation, integrating energy markets and intercultural cooperation
  • The pillars of Eurasian energy politics: security of supply and demand; new gas supply routes and opportunities for cooperation in Eurasia
  • Gas advocacy and innovation
  • Leadership and cultural styles in the context of Eurasian energy relations
  • (Russian) energy investment policy, investment choices and changing business models of large gas and oil companies
  • International case work and presentation to the expert panel


Participant's profile

Which topics are addressed during this leadership programme?

You have the potential to contribute actively to the executive programme in international gas business and cooperation with:

  • at least five years of experience in the energy business in a middle management position;
  • a master’s degree in a relevant discipline (economics, politics, finance or technology);
  • good command of the English language;
  • good understanding of the main value drivers in the energy industry and certain understanding of management and leadership skills.


Volko de Jong is the Programme Director of this Executive Programme. Mr de Jong is owner and managing partner of GGNI, an international gas business development group of Dutch service companies in the Oil & Gas Industry. He also is guest lecturer at the MBA of the University of Cyprus. Volko has also created EDI training programmes for the African Development Bank.

Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies; Honorary Professor at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee; and Visiting Professor at Imperial College’s Centre for Environmental Policy in London.

Tatiana Mitrova is Director of the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre, one of the research centres of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Tatiana is one of the most prominent Russian experts in the field of energy, a world-renowned professional, and the author of numerous studies. She was one of the founders of the Energy Centre in 2011. 

Useful information

Executive programme International gas business and cooperation

23 - 26 September 2019 (Module 1)
11 - 14 November 2019 (Module 2)
€6.750,- (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included)
Location to be determined / St. Petersburg, Russia
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The programme fee is € 6.750,- (VAT, accommodation and travel expenses not included).


Participants of the Executive Programme International Gas Business and Cooperation will receive a certificate on behalf of the University of Groningen.

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