The Dutch EBN has joined Energy Delta Institute (EDI) as associated partner on 18 December 2008. The contact has been signed by Mr Jan Dirk Bokhoven (Chairman of the Board) and Mr Joost Haenen (former Commercial Director) from the side of EBN and by Mr George Verberg (former President) form EDI’s side.

About EBN
EBN B.V. is active in the exploration for, production of and trading in natural gas and oil. As designated partner, EBN is involved in nearly all E&P activities in the Netherlands. This makes EBN a key player in the Dutch oil and gas sector. 
Together with national and international oil and gas companies EBN invests in the exploration for and production of oil and gas and in gas storage facilities. EBN also advises the Dutch government regarding the mining climate and about new opportunities of making use of the Dutch subsurface. 
National and international oil and gas companies take the lead in E&P activities. EBN invests, facilitates and shares knowledge. EBN also has a 40% share in gas trading company GasTerra B.V. Profits generated by EBN are paid in full to the Dutch state, EBN’s sole shareholder.

For more information on EBN, please visit www.ebn.nl  


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