• maart 17, 2020

The live webinar took place on Thursday, March 19th at 13:00 CET

Global energy markets are facing an unprecedented state of instability. Not only are markets and countries struggling with the need to implement energy transition strategies and policies, but current Corona Virus crisis and OPEC+ oil price war are presenting new challenges of an unforeseen order. Increased instability, largely linked to energy demand and supply issues, combined with an already existing battle for finance and reserves, could be a toxic combination that the current energy systems are not able to cope with. Main question will be how to deal with these threats and future unknowns to set up a more regional and global resilient energy environment.

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  • Perceived impact of corona virus on global energy markets (investments, yields, future)
  • Regional issues (North America, Europe, Asia, MENA)
  • Resilience in energy systems:
    • Supply and demand issues (oil-gas-renewables)
    • Pressure of globalization dynamics (Corona, OPEC+, hydrocarbon divestment, Greta)

Expert & moderator of the webinar

Dr. Cyril Widdershoven Co-owner of Dutch consultancy VEROCY

Dr. Cyril Widdershoven is a long-time observer of the global energy market. Presently, he holds several advisory positions with international think tanks in the Middle East and energy sectors in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

He earned his post graduate degrees at King’s College, University of London, Department of War Studies, and an MA in Middle East Studies at the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The main focus of his work has been on geopolitical risks, terrorism, fundamentalism and military/defense related issues in the MENA region. At the same time, due to consulting work and advisory, he has become involved in the oil, gas and energy sectors in the region and Africa.

He held several senior publishing positions in leading energy publications such as Afroil, Middle East Oil and Gas, and North Africa Oil and Gas Magazine Cairo, and he continues to oversee the Mediterranean Energy Political Risk Consultancy. Dr. Widdershoven worked on M&A operations in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Iran, he studied the pipeline operations in Libya, Algeria, Nigeria and Turkey, and he assessed risk for institutional investors and banks in Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iraq, all while advising the Dutch government and international organizations on related issues.

Leon Stille Moderator of the webinar

Leon Stille has a background in Earth Sciences (Bsc) and renewable energy technology(Msc) from the University of Utrecht. From the start of his career he has focused on conventional and renewable energy technology development and education. He has held commercial roles in several energy companies such as the Dutch gas grid operator Alliander and international Oil&Gas company Frames.

Furthermore, he worked for the Netherlands organization of Applied sciences (TNO) as business development manager dedicated to enabling and accelerating the energy transition. In this role he has initiated several large scale international research and development programs, as well as technology development trajectories towards industrial applications of CCUS, Green gas, gas conversion technologies (hydrogen, ammonia and DME), geothermal applications and water purification. Always with a strong international focus, with particular experience in South-East Asia, Canada and East Africa.

Currently, Leon is working as Manager of the Energy Delta Institute at the New Energy Coalition, dedicated to providing education and promotion towards the energy transition. Leon holds 2 patents on biogas purification and conversion and was the chairmen of the company advisory board of the European Biogas Association for several years.

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