Become part of the greatest new energy project in North West Europe

Over the coming decades, the North Sea will become the centre of the North West European energy system. A vision has been developed for the region to become the major European hub for offshore wind production while making optimal use of synergies with the existing offshore energy industry.

This three-day intensive programme offers a unique opportunity to become part of this exciting new development at the heart of the energy transition. You will be brought fully up to speed on the vision for the region and all the latest developments by experts who have been involved in this project from the start.

The course has been developed in cooperation with DOB Academy, a well-known education centre for offshore energy professionals in Delft.

  • Includes interactive cases

How you benefit

  • First-hand knowledge of greatest new energy project in Northwest Europe
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Acquire international network of peers and experts

About the programme

This intensive three-day programme is given by acknowledged experts in the field, who have been part of the North Sea energy vision from the start. It provides an overview of all the different aspects involved in this huge new development: technical, economic, legal, environmental, political and social.

The programme includes development of a business case and a social and networking programme which will put you into contact with other professionals working in all parts of the North Sea Energy value chain.


  • History of North Sea Energy flows and importance to the economy
  • Integration of existing offshore industry with new offshore wind developments
  • Spatial planning and environmental issues
  • Essentials of offshore energy flows and processes
  • Existing electricity grids and plans for new interconnections and pan-European grids
  • European policies on North Sea and North Sea energy
  • Introduction to North Sea Energy law

What you learn

  • Identify options for smart combinations between sectors and countries
  • Get overview of future energy flows (offshore wind, oil, gas, hydrogen, power-to-gas)
  • Understand system integration technologies (e.g. offshore wind with power-to-gas)
  • Recognise new international and intersectoral business models
  • Understand regulatory challenges

Who should attend

For professionals working in any part of the energy value chain in both the gas and electricity sectors, from production to transport, distribution and sales:

  • Business developers
  • Engineers and technological specialists
  • Policymakers, regulators and NGOs
  • Researchers and consultants
  • Maritime and spatial planners
  • Business and energy analysts
Module 1
  • Lecture 1 Wednesday 16 November 2022 Lecture 2 Thursday 17 November 2022 Lecture 3 Friday 18 November 2022
  • LocationRotterdam, The Netherlands
Lecturer North Sea Energy

Catrinus Jepma

Catrinus Jepma is one of New Energy Coalition’s energy experts and professor of Energy and Sustainability at the University of Groningen. His field of expertise is energy policy and markets, environmental impact and policy issues, energy efficiency measures and energy technologies. Thanks to his years of involvement as (coordinating) lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), professor Jepma received a personalised certificate for his share in the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the IPCC in 2007.


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